Things to do in Posada Barrancas and Divisadero, Mexico

Finding things to do in Divisadero, Mexico, will not be difficult. Posada Barrancas and Divisadero are the most iconic stops along the Chepe route as this is where you’ll find the most spectacular panoramic views of the Copper Canyon system.

Divisadero and Posada Barrancas are two different Chepe stops but they are only separated by about 5 km (3 mi). This page refers primarily to Divisadero but due to its close proximity to Posada Barrancas, almost all the information can be applied to both stops unless stated otherwise.

So what’s the difference between the two?

Divisadero, whose name means lookout or viewpoint, is exactly that: an incredible lookout point of the canyon system. The only other things that exist here are the station itself, with a few food and handicraft stalls, and one hotel situated on the very edge of the canyon wall.

Posada Barrancas is the name of the nearby station, which is located in the small town of Areponapuchi. While it does have some areas with wonderful views it is more often frequented for its wider variety of affordable accommodations.

However, the entire area around both stops has little to offer in terms of amenities. There’s no town centre and barely any restaurants aside from those in the hotels. Staying near either of these two stops means you’ll likely be eating at your hotel.

There may be a lack of amenities but there is no lack of adventure at these stops. In 2010 an adventure park was built in the area allowing visitors to experience the Copper Canyon with a shot of adrenaline. The park is now the top attraction in the area with options for all ages and adventure levels.

Divisadero and Posada Barrancas sit at an altitude of about 2200 m (7500 ft) and can get cold once the sun goes down and during the winter months.

  • November-February: daily highs are between 15 and 20°C (59 to 68°F) while nights drop between 0 and 5°C (32 and 41°F), with occasional, light snowfall in January and February.
  • March-May and September-October: daily highs are 23-30°C (73-86°F) while nights are between 5 and 12°C (41 and 54°F). March to May are the driest months, while September and October are the tail end of the rainy season and will be very lush.
  • June-August: daily highs are between 25 and 35°C (77 and 95°F), and the night time temperature averages 15°C (59°F). This is the rainy season with short but heavy daily showers.

The best time to visit Divisadero is September to October as the rainy season will be ending leaving behind a lush, green landscape, but the views are mind-blowing whatever time of year you choose to visit.

Despite the lack of amenities around these two stops, Divisadero often ends up being the highlight of many travellers’ Copper Canyon journey. Don’t miss this incredible location!

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Where is Divisadero?

Copper Canyon: Posada Barrancas and Divisadero Mexico

Divisadero and Posada Barrancas are both located in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. They can be found roughly 300 km southwest of the state capital, the city of Chihuahua.

The two stops, separated by only a few kilometres, are situated at the halfway point between Chihuahua and Los Mochis along the Chepe route.

The map shows the major transportation hubs (mentioned below), as well as the major sites mentioned in the section Things to do in Divisadero.

How to get to Divisadero, Mexico

The two main forms of transportation to or from Divisadero are train and bus. If coming from the Chihuahua/Creel direction, then you’ll have both of these options. However, if coming from the Los Mochis direction then the train is your only option.

How to get to Divisadero, Mexico, by Train

As of May 2018, there are two different train options in the Copper Canyon: Chepe Regional and Chepe Express. The Chepe Regional stops at both Divisadero and Posada Barrancas but the Chepe Express only stops at Divisadero. Below are the details for arriving or departing Divisadero or Posada Barrancas by train.

If you’d like to know more about how to buy Copper Canyon train tickets, the differences between the Chepe Regional and the Chepe Express, Chepe ticket prices and train schedules, click here to visit our page: How to Visit Copper Canyon by Train.

From Chihuahua/Creel Towards Los Mochis

The Chepe Regional arrives at Divisadero Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 1:41 pm. El Chepe waits at Divisadero for 15-20 minutes to give passengers time to get off and take photos at the lookout a few meters from the station. The viewpoint is absolutely stunning but it’s not the only one and if you’re staying in the area you’ll have other photo opportunities.

After the short break, El Chepe continues on to Posada Barrancas, arriving there at 1:52 pm. From there it continues on to Bahuichivo and eventually completes its journey in Los Mochis.

The Chepe Express arrives at Divisadero on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8:47 am. After a quick stop, it continues on to El Fuerte and eventually completes its route in Los Mochis.

Below is a Copper Canyon train schedule for travel in the Chihuahua to Los Mochis direction. The Divisadero and Posada Barrancas stops have been highlighted.

Day Train Chihuahua Creel Divisadero Posada Barrancas Bahuichivo El Fuerte Los Mochis
Monday REGIONAL 6:00 am 11:47 am 1:41 pm 1:52 pm 3:12 pm 7:19 pm 9:28 pm
Tuesday EXPRESS 7:30 am 8:47 am 2:24 pm 4:35 pm
Thursday REGIONAL 6:00 am 11:47 am 1:41 pm 1:52 pm 3:12 pm 7:19 pm 9:28 pm
Friday EXPRESS 7:30 am 8:47 am 2:24 pm 4:35 pm
Saturday REGIONAL 6:00 am 11:47 am 1:41 pm 1:52 pm 3:12 pm 7:19 pm 9:28 pm
Sunday EXPRESS 7:30 am 8:47 am 2:24 pm 4:35 pm

You may need to scroll left and right to view the entire table.

From Los Mochis Towards Chihuahua

The Chepe Regional, coming from Bahuichivo, arrives at Posada Barrancas on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 1:46 pm.  From there it continues on to Divisadero, arriving at 1:50 pm. El Chepe waits at Divisadero stop for 15-20 minutes so that passengers can deboard and enjoy the view only a couple of meters from the station. The train then continues on to Creel and eventually Chihuahua.

The Chepe Express, coming from El Fuerte, arrives at Divisadero on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 3:20 pm, and after 15-20 minutes, it continues on to its final destination of Creel.

Below is a comprehensive Copper Canyon train schedule for travel in the Los Mochis to Chihuahua direction. The Divisadero and Posada Barrancas stops have been highlighted.

Day Train Los Mochis El Fuerte Bahuichivo Posada Barrancas Divisadero Creel Chihuahua
Monday EXPRESS 7:30 am 9:44 am 3:20 pm 5:14 pm
Tuesday REGIONAL 6:00 am 8:19 am 12:24 pm 1:46 pm 1:50 pm 3:39 pm 9:34 pm
Thursday EXPRESS 7:30 am 9:44 am 3:20 pm 5:14 pm
Friday REGIONAL 6:00 am 8:19 am 12:24 pm 1:46 pm 1:50 pm 3:39 pm 9:34 pm
Saturday EXPRESS 7:30 am  9:44 am  – 3:20 pm 5:14 pm
Sunday REGIONAL 6:00 am 8:19 am 12:24 pm 1:46 pm 1:50 pm 3:39 pm 9:34 pm

You may need to scroll left and right to view the entire table.

For more information about how to buy Copper Canyon train tickets, the differences between the Chepe Regional and the Chepe Express, Chepe ticket prices and train schedules, click here to visit our page: How to Visit Copper Canyon by Train.

How to get to Divisadero, Mexico, by Bus

There are two bus companies, Autotransportes Turísticos del Noroeste and Rápidos Cuauhtémoc, that run multiple buses each day between Divisadero and Creel.

Catch a Bus from Creel to Divisadero

Noroeste buses leave Creel for Divisadero every 2 hours between 10:30 am and 6:30 pm. Rápidos buses have 4 daily departures between 10:15 am and 6:15 pm.

The two stations are next door to each other, right beside the train tracks (see Creel map).

Catch a Bus from Divisadero to Creel

From Divisadero to Creel Noroeste has 4 daily buses between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm. Rápidos buses also leave 4 times a day between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm. Passengers are picked up right beside the Divisadero train stop (see map above), but it’s best to wave the driver down as they may not stop otherwise. You can purchase your ticket directly from the driver.

For Posada Barrancas, the pickup area is marked on the map above. Prices are the same and times will be very similar to the Divisadero pickup times as it’s only a few kilometres away. Just flag down the driver to ensure a pickup.

Tickets are $50-55 MXP one way.

Things to do in Divisadero, Mexico

As the name suggests (Divisadero means ‘lookout’), the views are the top things to do in Divisadero. Taking in the scenery and surroundings is a wonderful way to relax but if you also want some excitement make sure you leave some time for the Adventure Park and its many activities, including the longest and fasted zip line in the world. Hiking and mountain biking are also offered at the Adventure Park.

All the attractions found in Divisadero, Mexico, are divided into two below: the viewpoints and the Adventure Park.

  • Viewpoints

    Divisadero Lookout

    The Copper Canyon is actually a system of 6 separate canyons, and this viewpoint, located just meters away from the Divisadero train stop, provides the most astonishing views of three of them. From here you can see the Copper Canyon, Urique Canyon and Tararecua Canyon.

    The entire lookout area is fenced for safety and Rarámuri locals set up food and merchant stalls during the day.

    Walking Path

    There is a lovely 2.5 km (1.5 mi) long stone path that runs between the Divisadero lookout and the Adventure Park. It provides plenty of photo opportunities but exercise caution as the path is only a few meters from the edge of the cliffs and there are no fences along most of its length.

    Walking Trail

    This short and easy to navigate dirt path runs along the edge of the canyon just behind the Hotel Posada Barranca Mirador. You can walk there from most hotels in Areponapuchi or ask your hotel to give you a ride (they will charge a fee). See the map above for the starting location.

    Hotel Posada Barranca Mirador

    Even if you’re not staying at this hotel you can head on in and sit on the deck overlooking the canyons. The bar is cash only and very overpriced but worth it for the views.

  • Copper Canyon Adventure Park

    The Adventure Park, known in Spanish as Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobre, is located halfway between Divisadero and Posada Barrancas, right at the edge of the canyons. Most hotels will offer a shuttle to and from the park for a fee but it is walkable from either Divisadero stop or Aeroponapuchi if you’re up for it.

    There is a restaurant on site in case you plan to spend the day at the park and don’t want to go back to your hotel for lunch. It’s open from 9 am to 4 pm.

    All activity prices, hours of operation and size restrictions are listed in the table below. Note that for any zip line activity your return via the cable care is included in the activity price. There is also a $25 MXP entrance fee for the Park itself.

    The park shuts down the cable car and zip lines for maintenance for half a day on a monthly basis. The exact day varies month to month but you can check with your hotel to ensure it’ll be open the day you plan to visit.

    Cable Car

    The Cable Car, or Teleférico, is the most relaxing, adrenaline-free way to get a unique perspective of the canyons. The cars can carry up to 60 people each and leave every 30 min. The ride is 2.7 km (1.7 mi), taking 10 minutes, and drops you off at the Mesa de Bacajipare viewpoint. Your ticket price includes a return trip.

    Zip Rider

    The longest and fasted zip line in the world! You’ll speed along the 2.5 km (1.5 mi) long cable reaching a top speed of over 100 km/h (60 mph). After the ride, you’ll have an 800 meter (1/2 mi) uphill hike to the Mesa de Bacajipare viewpoint and cable car station so you can return to the park.

    Via Ferrata

    If you’re looking for more variety sign up for Via Ferrata, which includes rappelling, suspension bridges, a wire bridge, a slight variation of rock climbing, a cave and a pendulum-like swing (they call it a Tarzan swing).

    Zip Line Circuit

    The circuit, called 7 Tirolesas, includes 7 different zip lines totalling 5 km (3 mi) of cable, and 2 suspension bridges. You’ll finish the circuit at the Mesa de Bacajipare viewpoint where you can catch the cable car back to the park.

    Bosque Aereo

    Translated into English this activity is called Air Forest and it consists of a zip line and a few suspension bridges through the pine forest canopy. You won’t be crossing over the canyons so there’s no cable car ride included in this one.


    If you’re not ready to fly or swing through the canyons you can try your hand at this 7 m (23 ft) tall artificial rock-climbing wall. Your price includes going up and down the wall twice.

    For Younger Adventurers

    The Adventure Park also offers harnessed trampoline sessions and a rather dull looking 18-hole mini-putt course.

    Hiking and Biking

    Within the Adventure Park you can hire a Rarámuri guide to take you on a hike to a number of destinations. They also rent bikes and provide ATV tours.

    Activity Hours, Restrictions and Prices

    Activity Length of Time Hours of Operation Size-Restrictions Price (MXP)
    Cable Car 40 min – 1 hour 9 am to 4:30 pm none $250
    Zip Rider 2.5 min + 40-60 min return 9:30 am to 3:30 pm 45-120 kg (100-265 lbs) $1000
    Via Ferrata 1.5 hours 9 am to 3:30 pm min height: 1.2 m (3’11”)
    max weight: 120 kg (265 lbs)
    7 Tirolesas 1.5 – 2 hours 9 am to 3 pm 40-120 kg (85-265 lbs) $600
    Bosque Aereo 1 – 1.25 hours 9 am to 3 pm min height: 1.5 m (4’11”)
    25-90 kg (55-200 lbs)
    Rocodromo two wall climbs 9 am to 4:30 pm 25-65 kg (55-145 lbs) $50
    Tampoline 3 min 9 am to 4:30 pm 25-65 kg (55-145 lbs) $50
    Mini-Putt as long as you want 9 am to 4:30 pm none $50
    Hiking/Biking 2+ hours 9 am to 4:30 pm none $100+

    *Discounts are available if you purchase a package for multiple activities at the park

*scroll left or right to view entire table*

Hotels in Divisadero, Mexico

As Divisadero is a lookout point, not a town, there’s only one hotel near this Chepe station. Although it offers incredible views, it isn’t cheap and it’s booked solid come major holidays, especially Semana Santa (Easter), Christmas and Valentines Day. It’s a good idea to book this place a few weeks in advance any time of year.

Hotel Divisadero Barrancas

Situated on the edge of a canyon wall this hotel offers breath-taking views of the canyons whether you’re sitting outside in the fresh air or cozying up inside on a couch. There is a restaurant and bar on site but expect high prices, as it’s the only place in the area to eat.

Hotels in Areponapuchi, Mexico

There is a wider variety of hotels to choose from in Areponapuchi, the town around Posada Barrancas. Keep in mind that the town is very small and simple with essentially no restaurants or stores, so you’ll likely be eating most of your meals at your hotel.

If you’re arriving on the Chepe Express you’ll get off at Divisadero as the train doesn’t stop at Posada Barrancas. Be sure to arrange a pick-up with your hotel at Divisadero.

Below are a few recommendations to suit different budgets.

Low Budget

Cabaña Los Portales

This hotel offers spacious and clean but very basic rooms. The staff are friendly and helpful and the food is fantastic at about $100 MXP per meal.

Mid Budget

Mansion Tarahumara

This castle-like hotel is set on a hill providing panoramic views of Areponapuchi and the canyons a little further on. There’s hot tub, pool and billiards table to keep you entertained once the sun sets.

High Budget

Hotel Mirador Posada Barranca

Like the hotel at Divisadero, this one is set on the edge of a canyon wall and anyone who’s stayed here can’t say enough about the phenomenal views. Plus most rooms have their own terrace with a canyon view and indoor fireplace. There’s also a restaurant and bar on site.

This site contains affiliate links. Making a booking or purchase through one of these links does not affect prices but I’ll make a small commission. Income from these links helps me continue to grow the site and keep it up to date. If you find the site helpful, consider booking your hotels using the links on the site. It’s much appreciated!

Additional Information for Divisadero, Mexico

Below are some general tips from personal experience. If you have travelled in Mexico or Copper Canyon and have any other tips please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

  • On a Budget?

    Hotels in Divisadero are, on average, more expensive than in Creel. If you’d like to save money on accommodations consider staying in Creel overnight and either booking a tour to Divisadero for about $400 MXP per person or taking a bus in the morning and returning in the afternoon for about $100 MXP return. Click here for Creel hotel options.

  • Travel Insurance

    Not all travel insurance policies will cover travel in the Copper Canyon. Make sure you’ve purchased the right travel insurance for your trip and make sure you’re covered for activities at the Adventure Park.

    Click here to learn more about travel insurance specifically for the Copper Canyon.

  • Money

    There are no ATMs or banks in Divisadero or Areponapuchi so make sure you have some cash with you before arriving. Most hotels accept credit cards although it’d be a good idea to double-check this before arriving. The Adventure Park accepts cash and credit cards.

    If you are paying in cash don’t accept change in the form of ripped or torn bills as the next retailer won’t accept them from you. If you do find one in your wallet you can exchange it at a bank in one of the bigger towns.

  • Valuables

    Many of the hotels throughout the Copper Canyon do not contain room safes and front desk staff will not assume responsibility for valuable items left with them. For this reason, I always travel with a LOCTOTE bag, which is a slash proof sack that can be secured to many fixtures. I find it brings me peace of mind when leaving my passport, camera, laptop or other valuables in my hotel room. It’s also great for the beach!

    You can learn more about this super handy product by clicking here.

  • Cellular Service

    Unless you have a telcel SIM you won’t have any cellular service in Divisadero and most hotels here don’t offer wifi, or it costs extra and doesn’t work anyway.

    If being connected is important to you I’d recommend picking up a telcel SIM card when you first arrive in Mexico. You can also purchase one in Creel on the main avenue. Your phone will need to be unlocked in order to use it but the SIM includes plenty of data and unlimited calls to Canada, the U.S. and Mexico and should only cost $200-250 MXP.

  • Entertainment

    As there is no wifi and often no tv in the hotels in this area, I’d highly recommend bringing along a good book or preloading a device with some Netflix shows for your evening(s).


    The free app contains more detailed routes and amenities than Google maps. You can download it for apple or android, and then download the map of Mexico before you leave to visit the Copper Canyon. Even if you don’t have data while travelling in Mexico you’ll be able to navigate using the map and GPS on your phone.

Itineraries for Divisadero, Mexico

Deciding how much time to spend in Divisadero will vary greatly among travellers. If you’ve got lots of time you may want to spend a few nights just soaking up the scenery and relaxing (I’ve met travellers who’ve spent a week just at this one stop!). If you’re on a tighter time schedule you can see most of what Divisadero has to offer in 1 night. Others may even decide to see Divisadero as a day trip from Creel.

Below are a few itineraries for those on a tighter time schedule. The 1-night itinerary assumes the traveller is arriving on El Chepe, which arrives at similar times regardless of which direction it is travelling.

Daytrip from Creel

  • Catch the 10:15 am Rápidos Cuauhtémoc bus to Divisadero
  • Get off at Divisadero Station ~11:15 am
  • Stroll along the stone path towards the Adventure Park
  • Arrive at the Adventure Park around noon
  • Spend about 2.5 hours enjoying the Parks activities
  • Around 2:30 pm head back along the stone path towards Divisadero station
  • Grab some gorditas for lunch at the station
  • Flag down the last bus heading towards Creel at 3:30 pm

Staying 1 Night

Day 1: Arrive at Divisadero/Posada Barrancas between 1:40 and 3:20 pm

  • Check-in at hotel
  • Walk or hire a ride to Hotel Mirador Posada Barranca
  • Walk along the trail just behind the hotel
  • Return to Hotel Mirador for drinks/hot chocolate on the terrace
  • Walk back to your hotel
  • Dinner and evening in your hotel

Day 2: Depart Divisadero/Posada Barrancas between 1:40 and 3:20 pm

  • Breakfast at your hotel
  • Hire a ride to the Adventure Park at 9:00 am (pre-arrange a pick-up around 1:00 pm from Divisadero station)
  • Spend a few hours at the Park
  • Walk north along the stone path towards Divisadero station
  • Have some gorditas for lunch
  • Catch your ride back to the hotel to check-out
  • Be at the train station about 15 min before your departure time