Plan your trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon using the resources below. Just click the title or photo to go to that page.

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El Chepe - Copper Canyon, Mexico

How to Visit Copper Canyon by Train

Everything you need to know about El Chepe, how to purchase your tickets, schedules, costs, helpful tips and more. Click the photo or title to get started on planning your trip on one of the most gorgeous train rides in the world.

Copper Canyon - Chihuahua, Mexico

Things to do in Chihuahua

If you’re travelling through Copper Canyon by train Chihuahua will very likely be your start or end point. It’s the largest city along the Chepe route and the easiest to access by international and domestic flights. Find out what to do in Chihuahua, costs, where to stay and itinerary suggestions.

Copper Canyon - Creel, Mexico

Things to do in Creel

Plan your time in Creel, a major stop on a Copper Canyon journey. It’s an exciting, outdoorsy stop full of things to explore. Find out what to do, how to do it, how much it will cost, where to stay and suggested itineraries to make the most of your time in Creel.

Copper Canyon - Divisadero, Mexico

Divisadero & Posada Barrancas

These two stops, separated by only a few kilometres, are definite favourites for many Copper Canyon travellers. Here you’ll get the most spectacular of all the canyon views along the Chepe route. Click the image or title to find more information about Divisadero and Posada Barrancas.

Copper Canyon - El Fuerte, Mexico

Things to do in El Fuerte

This picturesque little town is often where travellers start or stop their Copper Canyon journey as it’s much nicer than staying in Los Mochis. Click the image or title to learn more about how to get there, things to see, where to stay and itineraries.

Copper Canyon - Los Mochis and Topolobampo birds sitting on dock

Topolobampo & Los Mochis

Los Mochis is a terminal city for El Chepe so most travellers will find themselves there at some point. Click the image or title to learn more about the city, transportation to and from, and about all the activities that await you in beautiful Topolobampo.

Copper Canyon - Safety

Copper Canyon, Mexico – Safety Considerations

Be proactive and learn what steps you can take to avoid unwanted situations. Click the image or title to learn more about what to consider, safety-wise, when planning a trip to Mexico’s Copper Canyon.

Mexico Travel Insurance

Purchasing the Right Travel Insurance for Mexico

Not all travel insurance companies will provide coverage for travel in the Copper Canyon. Find out what you need to know before purchasing your travel insurance. Click the title or image to learn more.